Transportation Computers

STX Technology's Tough Vehicle Touch Computers are trusted products in Logistics and Transportation industries in Australia. Designed to withstand vibration, extreme temperatures, moisture, wash down, dust and dirt, these units are in use in airports, seaports, container harbours and railway yards.


Most Popular Transportation Computers: 



Vehicle Mount Touch Computer


Vehicle Mount Touch Monitor


Touch Panel PC

XRH In-Vehicle PC for transportation industry

XRH In-Vehicle Touch Monitor for transportation industry

Rugged Panel PC

  • Tough 10 inch Touch Screen
  • Tough Aluminium Design
  • Designed specifically for extreme in-vehicle environments
  • Tough 13 inch full HD Touch Screen
  • Tough Aluminium Design
  • Designed specifically for extreme in-vehicle environments
  • Tough 22 inch Touch Screen
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fanless Design



  • Truck Computertransportation in vehicle pc
  • Crane Computer
  • Forklift Computer
  • Tractor Computer
  • Police Car Computer
  • Fire Truck Computer
  • Marine Vessel Computer
  • Mining Computer


Transportation computers are available with your preferred version of Windows, providing highly effective solutions for drivers and operators. The PC and monitor range for transport come with wide power options, RS232 and USB ports designed for the use of printers or scanning peripherals. VESA or RAM mounting options assist with mounting location choices in a variety of different vehicles. Also available are a selection of screen sizes and options like Projective Capacitive or Resistive Touch screens and high bright screens for outdoor use.



Vehicle Computer

XRH7000 In-Vehicle Computer


Vehicle Monitor

XRH Vehicle Monitor




Touch Computer Range



Touch Monitor Range

X7500 Touch Monitor Range



Touch Monitor Range


Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the STX products and proven in Logistics and Transportation applications in Australia and worldwide. Contact us today to find out more about Transportation Computers for your business.


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