STX Technology Panel PC, solutions for UK industrial environments
STX Technology Panel PC proven technology. Known for its robustness and adaptability, it seamlessly integrates with conveyor systems, electrical cabinets, and offers RFID and SCADA compatibility, setting the standard for industrial computing solutions with UK companies seeking streamlined solutions.
STX Technology Industrial Panel PC Enabling Machinery Builders with Cutting-Edge HMI Control for Industry 4.0 in Australia
Discover the STX Technology Industrial Panel PC, designed to empower machinery builders in Australia with cutting-edge HMI control for Industry 4.0. Its rugged design, advanced communication capabilities, and seamless integration optimize manufacturing efficiency and productivity.
Advantages of a Rackmount Computer
STX Technology has a range of rackmount computers that both protect technological investment while supporting the operation and optimisation of computer management. From overheating and associated performance issues, through to dust interference and cable management, a rackmount PC provides a robust solution to a host of issues. Here are some of the more common reasons why businesses elect for rackmount computers over their desktop counterparts.
ThinManager Compatibility with STX Technology Industrial Touch Screens & Rugged Computers
STX Technology range of products are compatible with ThinManager. STX Technology Industrial Touch Computers, Touch Panel PC’s and Rugged Computers can be configured to network (pxe) boot and be remotely configured by ThinManager. An effective HMI solution for Remote Desktop Services (RDP) or FactoryTalk client.
Why you need to upgrade your Industrial Computer in 2019 - Part 2
There are many reasons to plan an upgrade of your Industrial PC hardware for the coming year.